Tim Hawkins’ Love Song to His Wife of 20 Years Is the Valentine’s Gift Every Woman Wants

For some people, February 14th is all about romance, candy, flowers and love. For others, it’s about making fun of the people who indulge in the consumerism of a “made up” holiday. Whatever the case may be, Valentine’s day is sure to come back around again this time each year.

It takes some creativity to make Valentine’s day—or romance in general—a special occasion. Especially when you’ve been married for more than 20 years like Tim Hawkins.

Lucky for us, Tim isn’t short of creativity or hilarious ideas.

He wrote a “love song” for his wife, and it’s sure to make Valentine’s day, and everyday, an absolute hoot!

In the skit, which is set to Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You,” Hawkins speaks to every mama’s REAL desire for a relaxing night in: A clean house–that wasn’t cleaned by her, her favorite sweat pants–the ones with the Nutella stain on the front, and binge-watching Parks and Recreation or Downtown Abbey.

“Swiffering – The 6th love language…” Tim captions the video.

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He knows his woman well.

And all of that is after he locks the door and puts the kids down “so you don’t have to.”

If that isn’t every woman’s dream of some R+R, I don’t know what is!

And for those of you who aren’t huge fans of Valentine’s Day, take this as your friendly reminder that moms long for this EVERY day, not just February 14th. Let’s just say Tim Hawkins knows EXACTLY how to light the fire in his romance.

Check out the full lyrics below, and laugh along with us!

“The party’s through, it’s just me and you.

Everyone has left our home. Girl we’re finally alone.

So wave goodbye to the guests. You know what’s next.

I understand what lights your fire, we’ve been married 20 years,

I know what you want my dear. I’ll go get the vacuum and take it from here.

I’ll clean up for you. Like you want me to.

I’ll turn off all the lights, and I’ll be your white knight.

Lock the doors for you. Sweep the floor for you. And I’ll put down all the kids so you don’t have to.

Baby. Slip into, what you want. Put your baggy sweatpants on.

Your favorite ones with the Nutella stain down the front.

Go watch some Apple TV. Parks and Rec or Downtown Abby.

Baby yeah. Like you want to. Gonna turn off all the lights.  I’ll be your white knight.

Lock the doors for you. Check the bathroom too.

And I’ll put down the seat, so you don’t fall through.

Baby, baby.”


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