Victim Responds to Thief After Catching Him on Camera, “I left a Bible for you”

left a bible for thief

There is a mix of reactions to Collier’s post. Some people said they, too, have prayed for people who have stolen from them.

Randall Mohn posted, “Bless you Jennifer. I’ve been praying for the individuals that before into my truck and stole some items.”

Others just share that they’re impressed with Collier’s response.

Aj Hardin posted, “I APPLAUD YOU! The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you ma’am! 100%.”

Elaine Karpierz Venard shared, “What a lovely thing Jennifer had to say.”

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Michelle Aguilar Casares posted, “What a great message you are giving this thief. You have a good heart and I hope he chooses to bring them back and grab that Bible. God Bless You and prayers for him.”

Of course, Collier received a lot of sympathy.

Robert Wire posted, “The nerve of this guy…” and ponders whether drug addiction is a factor in this man’s choice.

Jen Quon said, “I’m glad he didn’t steal your purse… praying for this young man and those with him.”

But it sounds like this was not a one-time gig for this thief.

Jennifer Johnston posted, “He has a pony tail. Looks a little like that guy who stole that guitar up north, really expensive one from a store and was arrested at the American inn on armour. I can’t remember his name..”

Kelli Freeman Nielsen posted an image of another incident with a thief, saying, “Looks like this same guy. This was up north in auburndale estates.”

Whether they find this guy or not, we can all pray that Collier’s response will make it to him, and maybe he’ll come get that Bible she left.



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