Victim Responds to Thief After Catching Him on Camera, “I left a Bible for you”

left a bible for thief

Kansas City resident, Jennifer Collier responded in love to a thief who stole two leaf blowers out of her garage. “I left a Bible for you,” she posted in a public message to the thief on Facebook.

She Left a Bible in Response

Last week, Jennifer Collier discovered two leaf blowers missing from her garage; so she reviewed her home security cameras. What she saw was a white male pulling up in front of her home in a black vehicle. The video shows the man in a blue button down shirt and dark pants hop out of his car, run up her driveway and out of sight into the garage, and then run back to his car holding two leaf blowers. He hops back into the car and zooms away. Unfortunately the license plate doesn’t seem to be visible and the image of the man isn’t particularly clear in the video, but she does provide a clear image from other security cameras on the home that reveals, what looks like a middle-aged man.

But that’s not really the point, at least not totally for Collier.

While collier refers to the incident as “irritating,” she also sees it as an opportunity to respond in Christian love. So she takes to social media to see if she can catch the man’s attention.

In a post on the public Facebook group, Stolen KC, Jennifer Collier, posted the security footage of the incident along with a message.

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The local news picked up the story, and interviewed Collier in a news segment. Check out the story here:

In the story, Collier shared what inspired her in the Bible to respond in this way. “The greatest commandment in the Bible is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, your mind, your soul,” she said. “Second commandment directly following that is to love your neighbor as yourself.”

Instead of responding in anger, Collier’s Facebook message to the thief who stole two expensive pieces of equipment from her garage is to say that she left a Bible for him.

She begins her post by saying, “If you see this and would like to return what you took from us, there will be no questions asked. Simply put back the two leaf blowers on my front porch.”

She later explains that she left a Bible on the porch, and he can take that in exchange for returning the stolen property.

Interestingly, Collier’s purse was also available for the taking when that thief came onto her property, and he apparently had to step over it in order to get to the leaf blowers; so she was grateful that he didn’t take that as well.

She said in her post, “I do want to personally thank you for not taking my purse that you stepped over to get to the leaf blowers. That really saved me a great deal of time and headache. What a mess that would have caused.”

Collier ends her post by letting the thief know that it’s not just that she left a Bible for him, she’s also spending time in prayer for him. She writes of praying that he would find happiness in life, she extends grace, and she points out that he can make things right.

“I’m praying for you. Whatever it is you’re looking for in life to make you happy, I can guarantee there is no living person or thing that will fill that void…None of us are perfect, not even me. We all mess up and do things we shouldn’t. It’s not too late to make it right,” Collier posts.

The response to Collier is impressive, and reveals that this might not be the first thing this man has stolen…

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