7 Million Knocked Breathless by Angel Cloud Recorded on Facebook Live

Cory Hearon was near the fire station in Camden, South Carolina, last Tuesday when he spotted something in the clouds that stopped him dead in his tracks.

It was a single cloud hovering in the sky that had the distinct outline of an angel.


Knowing he would be accused of Photoshopping the image if he just took a picture, Cory decided to record the sight on Facebook Live, and he waited there for 45 minutes until it completely dissolved into thin air.

“I’m not gonna wait very long because nobody would believe me if I didn’t do this live, but look at this cloud in the sky,” Cory said just before he turned his camera to the angelic masterpiece.


Check out the full video below:


Posted by Cory Hearon on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

“I almost didn’t video it,” Cory told TODAY. “It was the first time I had seen something that remarkable with my own two eyes.”

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He says the video doesn’t do the real-life version justice, but it’s breathtaking nonetheless.

Moreover, he’s overwhelmed by the reaction he’s received from millions across the web. The video has already been viewed over 7 million times and shared 245,000 times. “It has touched so many people from across the world,” he said. “I can’t believe it. I’m still in shock.”

One Facebook commenter wrote, “No words to describe this except truly amazing, and ain’t God good!!!! And people say there is no God!?”

To this, Cory replied, “And friend, I don’t need a beautifully shaped cloud to know that the God I serve is real…but it sure as heck brings peace, joy and comfort to myself and others, roughly 2.5 million so far to throw you a number, to see it on display so clearly and to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit!! You see because God is real, because He is alive, because of His word and through His son Jesus Christ I have a relationship with Him!! I know God exists without a doubt!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! What a remarkable display of God’s goodness and creativity in revealing Himself in the little ways.

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