War Photographer Stops Shooting Mid-Explosion to Rescue Injured Syrian Boy


There are a million jobs you could have in this world. Growing up to become a firefighter, a doctor or a teacher is pretty much at the top of every kid’s list.

Becoming a war photographer? Not so much.

But that’s what Abd Alkader Habak does for a living.

As if living in a war-zone and risking his own safety for the visual representation of current events wasn’t enough, being a war photographer means that Habak’s job is to photograph what is happening in front of him—no matter what.

But when buses filled with Syrian evacuees recently were bombarded by a massive explosion, Habak’s human instinct kicked in. Even after briefly being knocked out from the blast, Habak knew he couldn’t just take pictures—he had to help these people.

“The scene was horrible—especially seeing children wailing and dying in front of you,” he told CNN.

With camera in-hand, Habak and his colleagues ran straight into the blast area, carrying people away from the danger zone, and having their painful cries permanently etched into the reporters’ minds.

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Another photographer caught Habak’s selfless act on film, and his bravery has since been praised across the Internet.

The photographer says what he and his colleagues witnessed was “indescribable,” and he was completely overwhelmed with emotion.

Habak does not know if the little boy in the photos survived, but says he was moving and breathing when he put him in the ambulance.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13

WARNING: The following video contains graphic content:

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