“Tonight I Saw a Post That Said ‘What Would Women Do Without Us?'”: Single Mom’s Reply Goes Mega-Viral

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Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.”

If the Bible says we’re a “good thing,” ladies, it’s gotta be true.

But so often, this truth gets twisted by women and men alike—who start to believe we simply can’t survive or ‘be complete’ without a man by our side.

Notice, we’re told, we “can do ALL things through Christ“—not a hunky knight in shining armor— who strengthens us. Don’t get me wrong, men are wonderful. But they are not our savior.

One hard-working woman, Courtney Irons–who just so happens to know she’s ‘worth more than rubies’ AND perfectly capable of handling life’s challenges as a single mom–recently wrote a viral post that is making waves across the web.

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Since it was posted, Courtney’s simple but powerful message has been shared over 138,000 times.

Read it in full below, and be sure to share Courtney’s message with your girlfriends who need this empowering reminder today: 

“Tonight I saw a post that said ‘what would women do with out us’.. everything.. we would do absolutely everything.

Tonight I mowed my yard with my almost two-year-old on my hip. Why? Because she was not taking no for an answer and being a single mom of four I didn’t have a choice.

She wanted her mom and it needed done.

I grew up without a man in the house. My mom was a single mom of 3 girls. I watched her work her butt off for many years. We did things on our own. We did all the yard work, we maintained the house, we did all the things a man could do.

So gentlemen keep in mind.. a woman doesn’t need you. There is a big difference between want and need. When a woman takes time out of her day/night to talk to you or see you, remember it’s because she wants to.

Ladies don’t ever lose your independence or forget what all you’re capable of!”

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