Wow, I Literally Wept When This Adulterous Wife Texted Her Husband, “Can I Come Home?”

Growing up, Kathryn truly didn’t understand the meaning of love.

For multiple generations, the men in her family left their wives. That was the only kind of love she’d ever known. The kind that cheats, neglects and leaves. Needless to say, her perception of relationships was distorted.

“The word love was a fictitious thing,” she admitted. “Something that only happened in fairy tales.”

On top of that, she moved 11 times growing up, and the transient lifestyle spiraled her into greater isolation and internal numbness. Connecting with friends, much less a man, seemed too far removed from Kathryn’s reality to be possible.

In college, she finally started to explore the adventure of dating, but after getting into a relationship with a man who abused her physically, emotionally and sexually, her perspective was only jaded more.

When she met her husband, Paul, a man after God’s own heart, she was in awe of his steadfast and caring nature.

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“He was the first man I ever encountered in my life that I wanted to follow,” said Kathryn.

But not long after their marriage began, those suppressed emotions and ghosts from her past began to well up inside of her. She abandoned her husband and began an affair with another man.

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But God wasn’t finished with Kathryn yet. He showed up to this broken woman in a way that proved he was SO much bigger than her doubt, disobedience and infidelity.

He came to show her what TRUE love really is…

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