Wife Picks Husband’s Phone to Google Something—Then She Sees the Last Website He Visited


I was sitting at home relaxing after a long day at work when suddenly I thought of something I had been meaning to find out. Being a generation with instant knowledge (or whatever else we desired) right at our fingertips, I reached for my phone to do a quick internet search for the question that was ailing me. But my phone wasn’t at the ready. I had just kicked my shoes off and cuddled up under a fuzzy blanket with some warm tea, and not desiring to get up after my tiring day, I reached across the couch for my husband’s phone. He had gone into the other room to do something for our daughters, so he didn’t see me retrieving his iPhone to open his internet browser.

I got into the phone easy enough. He didn’t have a passcode on it. It wasn’t something I thought either of us needed. I pulled up the internet, and still present there was the last website he had browsed. Y’all, I was not expecting what I found.

Have you ever noticed that people in this world are always searching?! They’re searching beyond the things they have right in their lap, things right at their disposal, things they don’t even notice over time. Folks go blind to what’s right in front of their face, those things they could easily have to make them happy. I guess it’s the old adage about the grass being greener.

It makes me think. I wonder if we make marriage too hard? We pray for the dream mate, we search for the perfect partner, if we’re lucky we land them, but then what do we do? We become complacent. We get so quickly and easily used to the person beside us. We take them for granted, and then we look up one day and wonder why our marriage isn’t happy anymore. We wonder where the magic went, what happened to the honeymoon, and maybe even sometimes wonder how we can fix it.

Why is the grass always greener on the other side? Perhaps because the attention paid to it is akin to a well-watering. Meanwhile, on our own turf, the lawn is looking pretty crusty. Maybe even dead.

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Do you know what I found when I opened my husband’s internet on his phone? It certainly wasn’t what I expected. The website he had last viewed was still present, and in surprise and with a chuckle I looked at the website.

That’s the website that stared back at me. That’s the website that was last looked up on his phone. That’s what my husband had been searching when I wasn’t home. As I looked a little further on the webpage I realized it was a savory pork chop recipe. While I had been working my husband had been homeschooling our children, taking care of some home maintenance issues, doing laundry, and had also been searching for the best way to cook pork chops for our dinner.

Earlier when I had arrived home from work, tired and hungry, I had immediately been accosted by the delicious aroma of dinner. Y’all, it was the best meal I’ve ever had. Seriously. It certainly wasn’t the first time my husband had made dinner for me; he did it every night I worked, but this night seeing his phone had reminded me of just how much he cared. He had not just cooked dinner for me after I had a long day, but he had taken the time to search and find the best recipe possible for it.

It’s the truth, people in this world are always searching, but the question is are they searching for the right thing? Are they searching for ways to cultivate their own yard? I know my husband loves me, but his consistent actions hammer it home. In turn, I reciprocate his love in action. We serve one another, and therefore we don’t have to search for our lost happiness. We simply acknowledge and feed that happiness that is already there. Our marriage thrives because we search for ways to show the other how much they are valued, appreciated, and loved. Does that mean our marriage is perfect? Of course not! But those pork chops made it pretty darn close.

So, if you’re going to be searching in this world, let your search be for ways to cultivate the relationships in your life.

Brie Gowen
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