YouTuber Brilliantly Slays Argument for ‘Down Syndrome’ Abortions in 1 Minute Flat

Pro-life activist and YouTuber Laura Klassen, has wittily delivered many hard truths about the inhumanity of abortion on her growing channel Choice42. But perhaps none have been more appropriately timed than her latest video entitled “Blue Hair” released in honor of World Down Syndrome Day, celebrated on March 21.

With the idea of “eradicating Down syndrome” through abortion [is] becoming increasingly popular, Klassen decided to brilliantly portray the absurdity of this practice with a simple illustration that is hard to ignore. She says she loves using humor to show how ridiculous arguments for abortion really are, and with this one-minute video — she does exactly THAT.

While wearing her trademark pink wig, the pro-life YouTuber says to the girl sitting next to her in a blue wig, “I love people that have blue hair, but like after they’re born though.”

Though Klassen never mentions Down syndrome overtly, her intent is made clear since the blue-haired girl she’s talking to has Down syndrome.

“No offense,” she continues. “I totally respect and value you as a human being… now. But before you were born it was a completely different story. Just saying.”

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Making a mockery of prenatal genetic testing, Klassen follows with this sarcastic jab:

“Thanks to prenatal genetic testing, we can now ‘off’ all the people who have blue hair, before they ever see the light of day. That’s compassion.”

Meanwhile, her blue-haired companion holds up a sign that reads: “That’s eugenics.”

“If we stop all the people who have blue hair from being born, the world would be a little more perfect. And a little less colorful,” says Klassen in closing. “And isn’t that what we all want?”

The Canadian is the proud founder of Choice42, a pro-life non-profit that helps mothers dealing with unplanned pregnancies and women seeking recovery after abortions.

Check out more from Choice42 here, and be sure to check out their “Blue Hair” video below!

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