About Us

What would happen if millions of people worked together to express their faith online, every day, by sharing the most cause-driven, faith-based and inspirational stories with their friends?

What if we stopped consuming the Internet and started using it for Kingdom good?

What if instead of sharing cute kittens, Game of Thrones memes and prank videos we helped launch stories that matter—stories that have the potential to change lives?

These are the questions we asked before we started faithit.com.

Since launch in early September 2013, we’ve seen more than 100 million people visit FaithIt to watch and share inspiring stories about love, faith, family and global causes. We’ve helped launch several viral videos—including this one about the value of moms (it also appeared on major news outlets like The Today Show and Good Morning America), this impromptu street performance by Danny, a homeless man with a powerful voice and this moving story about a pastor in Korea who takes in unwanted disabled children.

Our mission is to go through the never-ending sea of information on the Internet to uncover the most important faith-based stories and give them massive attention. What makes us different from all the other Christian videos sites? We’re not just hunting for viral videos to boost page views, we’re searching for stories that fit our mission and have the potential to create a catalyzing movement online. Whether it’s creating awareness about sex trafficking, sponsoring children in extreme poverty, helping missionaries on the field, praying for families who’ve experienced loss, or even donating funds for a prison ministry or women’s center.

In fact, during a typical week on faithit.com, our readers have partnered with us to help inspire millions with the story of an unexpected football hero, helped draw attention to the sanctity of life through the story of an amazing woman who survived an abortion, launched a worship album into the Top 10 on iTunes (Christian & Gospel), encouraged the masses to love their neighbors, put the spotlight on purity, shared a clear gospel message with millions and raised awareness for prison ministry and the need for clean water in Africa.

We started faithit.com with the hopes of influencing culture and creating a Kingdom movement online. The incredible engagement we’ve received over the last year has seriously blown away our expectations. You’ve received us with open arms, and we couldn’t be happier.

God is awesome. Let’s share that knowledge with the world—one story at a time. You in?