See That Drop Box? That’s Where They Put the Babies. And It’s the Most Remarkable Thing You’ll See All Week

One winter, a South Korean pastor found an abandoned infant on his church steps and built a drop box to rescue any future babies who may be left to die on the streets of Seoul, South Korea. “The Drop Box” film follows the lives of Pastor Jong-rak Lee and his family as they take in these abandoned children and help them find loving families.

More than a quarter million people saw the theatrical release of The Drop Box film. Now you can bring The Drop Box to your church.

In 2009, South Korean pastor Jong-rak Lee installed the drop box in the outer wall of his home to provide a safe haven for babies who faced abandonment in the streets. Since that time, Lee Jong-rak and his wife have rescued hundreds of babies — deposited in The Drop Box. The babies are often covered in blood and sometimes still have the umbilical cord attached.

Focus on the Family has partnered with Pastor Lee and is committed to equipping viewers with the tools they need to advocate for these precious children, whether through adoption, supporting an adoptive family, or raising awareness of the plight of orphans. Because in the end, building more “baby boxes” is not the answer. Rather, we must work toward a day when they are no longer necessary, when all human life is embraced for its inherent value and purpose.

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Pastor Lee would be the first to agree: “I always pray that there will be no more abandoned babies in this country and no more in our baby box. That’s all I want.”

Pastor Lee told the South China Morning Post that he set up the Drop Box after hearing reports of babies being abandoned in the open air or public restrooms where they risked dying of hypothermia.

“Some teenagers give birth to babies in empty houses or in public toilets. They wrap them in old shirts or towels and bring them to us,” he said.

On one occasion, a young couple brought in a baby covered in dust. The father had been planning to bury it alive, he explained.

“When the father started shovelling earth over it, the mother could not bear it any more and rescued the baby,” he said.

You can donate today to help Pastor Lee continue to rescue at-risk babies.

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