Audrey Roloff Opens Up About Destructive ‘Mattress Fights’ With Husband Jeremy: “I Needed to Be Reminded of How to Fight Fair”

Though they’ve spent years on TLC’s hit show Little People Big WorldJeremy and Audrey Roloff are paving their own path these days with their marriage ministry, “Beating 50 Percent,” which aims to help other couples live with an “always more” mindset in their relationships.

Audrey Roloff

“We aim to give more than 50 percent effort into our marriage,” the couple’s website states. “To live a life Beating 50 Percent is our mission.”

Of course the name is a nod to the 50 percent of marriages in our country that end in divorce—one of which is that of Jeremy’s own parents, Matt and Amy Roloff.

The young Roloffs use social media to encourage others in their own walks, while providing Truth, devotionals and honest words about life Beating 50 percent.

But like any couple, Audrey and Jeremy’s relationship isn’t always as Insta-Perfect as it appears.

Audrey Roloff

Thankfully, they’re just as quick to be open about their struggles as they are about their triumphs.

On Saturday, our favorite deep-red-beauty took to Instagram to open up about how arguments between her and her husband can often get ugly—owning up to her own insecurities and admitting that she’s the queen of throwing cheap shots at her man during heated moments.

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“The never [ending] journey of becoming one isn’t always easy…we come from different backgrounds, upbringings, parenting, spending habits, theologies, so we are bound to have conflict. It’s not a matter of if we will fight, but when and how.”

She continues by saying that prior to sharing her post, the mommy-to-be and Jeremy were reminded how important it is to “fight fair.”

Audrey Roloff

“We needed to be reminded how to handle conflict with parameters that are healthy and productive, rather than harmful and destructive. We needed to start acting like teammates rather than opponents.”

“Ironically”, she says, they had just shared a guest post on the Beating 50 Percent blog by Emily Jamieson.

Audrey says she and Jeremy probably needed to read it more than any of their followers.

Audrey Roloff

“We were having a ‘mattress fight,’” Audrey writes, referring to Emily’s blog post about a fight she and her husband had about a mattress. “And as the country song goes, I just wanted to ‘be mad for a while.’”

But Audrey knows better than anyone that regardless of what they’re fighting about, marital conflict needs to be “healthy and productive rather than harmful and destructive,” in order to move forward and experience better times in their marriage.

“In my anger and bitterness, I was letting bad sportsmanship red card our mission.”

For Audrey and Jeremy, refocusing their energy—what is fueling their anger—and redirecting it in a manner that is respectful and loving is imperative to the process. Not to mention, it will make a world of a difference in the way they parent their baby girl who will be making her grand entrance later this month.

Audrey Roloff

Mean jabs and cheap shots are no way to Beat 50 Percent. Thankfully, this ministry’s founders aren’t ashamed to share that even they get caught up in their human-ness.

Because it’s not a matter of IF you’ll fight with your spouse, it’s a matter of WHEN. And when the time comes, it’s important we’re all equipped to know HOW to navigate it.

And that, my friends, is why these two are #RelationshipGoals.

Audrey Roloff
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