Christian TV Star Drops Marriage Truth Bomb: “My Husband Is Not an Exception”

Little People Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have made a new name for themselves with their inspiring couple’s ministry, Beating 50 Percent.

Jeremy Roloff

The blog and devotional study focuses on helping couples build stronger marriages that are “better than average,” by sharing stories from couples around the world and compelling others “to give more, serve more, learn more, play more, seek more and love more, always more.”

The couple, who married in 2014, are expecting their first child—a daughter—at the end of August. They regularly use social media to encourage and connect with people in a way that most reality TV celebs don’t—with Bible verses, devotionals and honest conversations.

Jeremy Roloff

Audrey took to Instagram last week to encourage a group of women who likely aren’t the demographic her ministry typically speaks to: all the single lades.

In a post where she says her husband, Jeremy, is not an exception, Audrey addresses all of the young women who are searching for love:

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“To all the single girls out there…wait for the kind of man who wants to sit and talk with you by a campfire more than he wants to sit by you watching Netflix on a couch.

Wait for a man who comes to your door when he picks you up instead of just texting, ‘I’m here.’

Wait for a man who is more dedicated to pursuing Jesus than he is to pursuing his career ambitions.

Wait for a man who wants to get to know your friends and family instead of always insisting on hanging out alone.

Wait for a man who you’d want to be the father of your children instead of a man who’s still acting like a child.”

Jeremy Roloff

Her words are admittedly “harsh,” but Audrey makes it clear that she never wants the things society sets as a standard for love to be what single women of faith settle for.

“I say these things to encourage you and give you hope. That kind of man is out there. Don’t believe the big fat lie that tells you, ‘Oh I’ll never find someone like that.’

Jeremy is not an exception.”

Jeremy Roloff

Audrey reiterated that men like Jeremy—the kind of man who seeks God first, and serves people passionately for Christ—those men “DO exist.” She encourages those reading to “pray for him and wait for him.”

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