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“A Boy at School Punched My Daughter in the Face. Hard. What on Earth Are We Teaching Our Girls?”

"A boy at school punched my daughter in the face. HARD. And yes, I have pictures..."

TikTok Mom Roasts Herself After Hilarious Years-Long Mess-Up With Her Middle Child

TikTok mom Emily Vondy, is nothing if not honest about the struggles of motherhood. One of Vondy's most classic and popular maternal mishap tales of late had even me saying, "Whew, at least I've never done that!"

WARNING: Toddler Suffers 2nd-Degree Burns After Mom Fills Kiddie Pool Up With Garden Hose

“We got a ton of tweets back from people saying ‘I never thought about that,’ and that’s why we do it.”

Jenny Rapson

Jenny Rapson is a wife and mom of three from Ohio and the editor of For Every Mom. You can also find her alternately griping and gushing about her kids at her own blog, Mommin' It Up. You can email her at jrapson@outreach.com, or follow her on Twitter.

Mississippi Weatherman Who Prayed On-Air Credited With Saving Lives During Deadly Tornado

As meteorologist Matt Laubhan reported on the tornadic activity in his viewing area, his tone and demeanor became increasingly concerned as he urged residents to take cover.

TV Star Melissa Joan Hart Opens Up About Helping Kindergarteners Escape the Nashville School Shooting

Actress Melissa Joan Hart revealed last week on Instagram that she and her husband Mark Wilkerson were driving by the Covenant school shooting in Nashville when they saw children fleeing. Realizing something was wrong, they jumped into action.

A Grieving Mom’s Plea to Parents From Her Bullied Child’s Hospital Bedside

The mom of a bullied tween is begging you, parents: Teach your kids empathy, and don't give them access to social media.

This Guy Lost the State Title—That’s When He Sees His Opponent’s Dad in the Stands

He lost fair and square, but he wasn't finished yet...

To the Mom Down the Street With the Porn Problem

I see you outside when our kids are playing. I see you at the pool in the summer. I see you at the bus stop all school year-long. But sadly, I don’t know you as well as I’d like. Nevertheless, I know you’ve got a problem with porn. Why? Because it takes one to know one…

Little Girl’s “Tired Mom” Halloween Costume Is Total Perfection

"My friend's daughter dressed up as a mom for Halloween. I'm dead. This is the best costume I've ever seen."

Children Sitting Like This Need to Stop And Here’s Why

Here's why the common way kids like to sit, called "W sitting" is bad for their overall development—this is serious business!

My Son’s Friend Was Overly Affectionate With Me—When I Found Out Why, I Broke Inside

He would eagerly run over to take my hand when it was time to move on to a new part of the aquarium, and he soon began wrapping my arm around his neck and forcing me to pull him closer... Soon he also told me, "I love you." "I love you, too, Jason." I said.