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TikTok Mom Roasts Herself After Hilarious Years-Long Mess-Up With Her Middle Child

TikTok mom Emily Vondy, is nothing if not honest about the struggles of motherhood. One of Vondy's most classic and popular maternal mishap tales of late had even me saying, "Whew, at least I've never done that!"

WARNING: Toddler Suffers 2nd-Degree Burns After Mom Fills Kiddie Pool Up With Garden Hose

“We got a ton of tweets back from people saying ‘I never thought about that,’ and that’s why we do it.”

School Forces Student to Take Jesus Out of Graduation Speech, Plan Gloriously Backfires When She Drops This Line

“I’ve always been a rule follower. When they said not to chew gum, I didn’t chew gum. When they said not to use your cellphone, I didn’t use my cellphone. But today, in the spirit of defying expectations, and for perhaps the last time at this podium, I say..."

Jenny Rapson

Jenny Rapson is a wife and mom of three from Ohio and the editor of For Every Mom. You can also find her alternately griping and gushing about her kids at her own blog, Mommin' It Up. You can email her at jrapson@outreach.com, or follow her on Twitter.

High School Principal’s Letter to Parents: We’re Pressuring Our Kids to Death

With teen suicide on the rise, this Corona Del Mar principal letter broadcasts a serious message to parents about how WE are hurting our own children -- and how to stop it.

Not Just SnapChat: 6 More Dangerous Apps Parents Need to Know About

These new dangerous apps are super-popular, and super risky for your kids to be using.

This Teen’s Obituary Is Going Viral—and We All Need to Read It to Our Kids

15-year-old Sadie Riggs' obituary is being used to spread a powerful message.

Dad Rescues Daughter From Sex Traffickers, Warns Other Parents This App Is to Blame

After his daughter is groomed and lured into sex trafficking by people she met on SnapChat, one dad is on a crusade to warn other parents.

This NICU Nurse is Holding a Baby Gone Too Soon—And All Moms Need to Know Why

This NICU nurse's Facebook post gives us a glimpse into the hard, heartbreaking, rewarding work of caring for fragile babies every day.

“The Miracle Season”: A Christian Mom’s Movie Review of an Inspiring True Story

They showed many “real life” clips at the end of the movie, and those REALLY gave me the tears and the goosebumps!

From Orphan Child to Hollywood Producer: I Can Only Imagine Movie Producer Shares His Powerful Redemption Story

For producer Joe Knopp, I Can Only Imagine reflects his own redemption story, too.

Mom’s Viral Rant About NOT Making Kids Share Is a Must-Read for Every Parent

"The next time your snowflake runs to you, upset that another child isn't sharing, please remember that we don't live in a world where it's conducive to give up everything you have to anyone just because they said so."