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Phylicia Masonheimer is a writer, podcaster and speaker. Through her ministry, she teaches women how to preach the gospel with their lives. In singleness or marriage, work or home, our personal holiness proves to the world that we worship Christ. Follow her to learn how God's Word applies to the practical details of your life!

Dear Women’s Ministry, Stop Calling Me Beautiful

"You see, I’m not actually that special – and neither are you."

The Man You Overlooked While You Were Searching for the Perfect Husband

"Anybody can tell you you’re pretty in yoga pants and a messy bun. You need the rarer kind; the kind who sticks through the messy of your soul. He’s often overlooked, this man."

Please Stop Calling Me Beautiful

"Women who think they’re pretty awesome don’t need a Savior."

The Man You Didn’t See While You Were Looking for Your “Perfect Husband”

"If you move too fast you might miss him. If you’re captivated by the spotlight you won’t see him in the shadows. If you’re looking for a 'type' you might never notice he is there... But he is."

The Sneaky Little Lie “Purity Culture” Is Teaching Your Daughter

"This is why girls who were 'raised right' rebel. This is why the purity movement doesn’t always work. And this is why people reject a Christianity that actually isn’t Christianity at all."

Maddi Runkles: Why a “Good Christian Girl” Getting Pregnant Is Not the Problem

"Pregnancy is the natural, intended outcome of sex. It is NOT a punishment, and talking about it as such enforces the idea that the only REAL problem with sexual sin is the possibility of getting pregnant – not the reality that it grieves God."

The Man You Overlooked While You Were Searching for the Perfect Husband

"He’s often overlooked, this man. You won’t find a microphone in his hand or a stage beneath his feet. He may not lead the Bible study or share profound insights into the Word."