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The Redeemed Mama

The Redeemed Mama is a Writer, Blogger and Full Time Mommy/Teacher to her three beautiful children. She loves to write about overcoming adversity and finding the humor and grace in parenthood. She resides in Southern Arizona with her family. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or her website.

‘I Was Told My Depression Was a Result of My Sin’

"As far as I knew at the time, my only repeated offense was existing."

Mama, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You How to Do Self-Care

It’s okay if it’s all too much sometimes and it’s okay to push through the tears and exhaustion. It’s okay to take a day at the spa and it’s okay if taking a shower every 2-3 days feels like a victory.

“I Totally Failed”: To the Mamas Who Are Messing Up Motherhood

"I promise you that there is not a SINGLE one of your yoga doing, Pinterest worthy birthday party throwing, organic snack feeding, no dark circles under their eyes Mamas that have it together ALL the time."

To the Mama Struggling With Depression

Now your friends just know that you are human. You didn't stop being strong. You didn't stop being capable. You aren't going to be an outcast. You are going to open a dialogue that needs to exist between us as mothers.

So You’re JUST a Mom? This One’s For You…

“I’m just a Mom” a friend told me in passing, as we were chatting about life and catching up. JUST a Mom. Why do we attach that word “just?” Why do we feel the need to defend our role or note that our position is without pay or merit in the business world?

To the Mom Raising Emotional, Sensitive Boys

“Baby, I need you to stop crying about everything,” I say to my 4-year-old son, followed by a heavy sigh. Another day, another sob fest about something that broke his little heart. He is my sensitive soul, my middle child, my gentle spirit.

I Didn’t Know This Would Be the Last Time

"I didn’t know this would be the last time I nursed you to sleep. I would have soaked in the moment, if only I knew."