Hysterical ‘Before and After’ Pics of Daughter’s First Day of School Go Viral


If you thought adulting was hard, just ask 5-year-old Lucie Falconer about the hard-knock life that is kindergarten.

The little girl from Glasgow, Scotland has become an Internet sensation after ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of her first day of school went viral.

Prior to taking off for class, Lucie took a prim and proper photo befitting of a private school debutante.

With her perfectly straightened tie, pristinely ironed white-collar shirt, and adorable bow-adorned hairdo, Lucie couldn’t have taken a picture more worthy of mama’s Instagram feed.

But the transformation that ensued 8 hours later is what has the Internet DYING in laughter.

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The picture that Lucie’s mom Jillian snapped upon her arrival back home that day featured quite a different little girl—one that perhaps just walked out of a Braveheart sequel or escaped the WWIII of elementary school recess.

The off-kilter tie, disheveled clothes, and tangled hair that looked like it came out of the ‘before’ snapshot of a Garnier Fructis ad revealed that the 5-year-old had quite the “day.”

Lucie before and after her first day of school.

The icing on the cake was the glittery, sequined unicorn backpack standing in sparkly contrast against the hot-mess-in-a-skirt slinging it over her wrist.

The best part is that when Jillian asked her what she did today, her daughter’s reply was “nothing much.”

“I think she was just excited to see her friends after the summer break,” she added. “Nothing specific happened.”

“Her dad asked how she got on during the day so I sent him the picture of Lucie just to show obviously she had an eventful day,” Jillian told TODAY.

Shortly after, the amused mama posted the pictures on her social media pages, and they immediately took on a life of their own. The local newspaper picked up the story, soon followed by media outlets across Scotland, and then all over the world.

“It just went crazy,” Jillian explained. “I presume because it’s relatable. Anyone can relate to it, either going to school or after a night out. It’s a before-or-after I think adults can relate to because of that, and parents can relate to it because their kids may come home in the same state.”

The Scotland mother describes her daughter as “very very shy,” but she admits her diva side can come out from time to time.

Case in point, Lucie recently went to sit in the front seat with her car seat though it’s normally her big sister’s spot. When her sister said she sits in the front because she is the oldest, Lucie simply replied, ‘No, I’m a celebrity now.'”

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