“It’s Your Spouse Puking When they Get Home From the Smell of a Burning Body”: Spouse Shares the Painful Reality of Life ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Law Enforcement

law enforcement

“This is the behind the scenes of law enforcement that nobody knows about.

You see a [jerk] writing a ticket or serving warrants. But that’s not it.

They come home, and this is what we see. These are the pieces we are left with at the end of every shift.

It’s your spouse puking when they get home from the smell of a burning body because she couldn’t get inside. The first to respond and being completely helpless in any attempts of rescue.

And it’s more than just this day, and this fire. It’s delivering a death call to a family, all by yourself; and holding a grieving mother after delivering the news her son was found dead.

It’s having your entire body covered in fire ant bites from fighting a drug addict on the side of the interstate so he doesn’t get hit.

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Just remember they are more than that uniform. They are real. They are people. They have feelings. They have family.

And you know what they do? They go to sleep, wake up, and do it again. Because they want to serve you and keep your community safe.

And if this right here isn’t considered heroic, then I just don’t know what is.”

**This post was written by Cyndi Martin and originally appeared on her Facebook page

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