“I Cried When I Found Your Daughter Lying in a Ditch, High on Meth—But You Didn’t Know”: Cop Pens Raw Message About the Reality of Being an Officer


“I didn’t enjoy writing tickets – But you didn’t know

I cried when I found your daughter lying in a ditch, high on meth – But you didn’t know.

I was devastated when I found the 32-year-old veteran dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound – But you didn’t know.

I missed my kids birthdays, school plays and family trips because I had to work – But you didn’t know.

I had nightmares about the 2-year-old I found crushed under a truck tire while mom was inside buying dope – But you didn’t know.

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I really struggled with EVERY death notification I made to a family about their loved one – But you didn’t know.

I was never comfortable at social gatherings because with the things I’ve seen, I can’t trust anyone – But you didn’t know.

I’ve seen things you could never even imagine – But you didn’t know.

I really didn’t like putting people in jail – But you didn’t know.

My job was hard on my family – But you didn’t know.

I had problems, just like everyone else – But you didn’t know.

I thought Whiskey & Jesus were the only two that understood me – But you didn’t know.

The next time you see an officer, or any first responder, remember that they are people first and there is no training in the world that prepares them for the things they see and do on a daily basis. SUPPORT THE BLUE.

Mike ‘Pappy’ Walley.”

**This post originally appeared on Mike “Pappy” Walley’s Facebook page

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