WATCH: Bride Sings to Groom “You Raise Me Up” While Walking Down the Aisle, Onlookers in Tears

bride sings to groom

The Bride’s Father Joins in the Song

Although Maria’s father doesn’t appear to be an award-winning singer like his daughter, the father took the microphone and bravely added after the bride sang to the groom.

“Now it’s time to give away my daughter,” the father of the bride sang, “You know its time, so please take care of her.”

At first, Maria looks at her father lovingly, smiling from ear-to-ear.

Then Maria playfully takes the microphone back in response and continued in her song to Ronny. “I know he will, he loves me more than ever, and now it’s time to finally say I do.”

The groom is clearly enjoying the song, smiling and even laughing in the video.

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As the father handed his daughter over to Ronny, the chorus of singers completed the song for the couple.

If you’ve ever been at your own wedding or another special time in your life, I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it must have been for Mary to keep her voice steady and strong as emotions moved through her in this magical moment.

Anyone can see how moved everyone was in the church.

But it wasn’t only those present at the ceremony who were moved. The YouTube video, which has nearly 45,000,000 views and more than 16,000 likes since its original posting in 2015, is followed by nearly 900 gushing comments.

Christine Preston said, “This was so wonderful…was crying all the way through it, God bless them both, for a very happy marriage.”

Anja M. responded, “Ohhh wow… That was SO beautiful… I´m sitting here crying over that beautiful ceremony.”

Laverne Van Wyk shared, “This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.”

“This is one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever seen,” Coco posted. “You have shown your beloved what life is all about and how your life together will go on. God Bless you both. PS: I cry every time I watch it and so does my husband of over 30 years!”

Ronny’s Musical Message to His Bride

Ronny didn’t respond with his own song, but knowing how important music is to Maria, he planned a musical tribute to her, as well.

You can watch that here:

The couple has definitely garnered a following, as many commenters were aware of both videos.

One said, “I heard your song to your husband and it was so beautiful! This is very lovely as well. May your marriage be forever blessed by God.”

Maria even chimed in saying, “Thank you so much everybody. My friends are really talented and I`m so glad they would sing this song to us. The song is made by the Norwegian artist Marion Raven –  Found someone. My husband made his own text. Maybe he can translate it to you guys 🙂 Thanks again!”

What creative or innovative ideas have you used or seen at weddings? Comment below!

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