Bullies Nominate Girl for Homecoming Queen as a Joke—So Ellen Gets Sweet Revenge With a Crowning Ceremony of Her Own

High school is a time to grow and find yourself. You make friends, you lose friends, figure out some things you’re good at and find your direction. For some people, high school is a time that shapes the trajectory of your life. For others, it’s a time you’d rather forget.

Up until her senior homecoming, Lilian Skinner probably would have chosen the latter, after a group of students decided to play a cruel prank on her. They told Lilian she had been nominated for homecoming court—a huge honor for anyone, and for Lilian, a chance to be popular.

But it was just the opposite. She was never actually nominated for the crown.

Two of the girls who were nominated for homecoming court were girls who had known Lilian for almost seven years. Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez decided together that no matter what, if one of them won homecoming queen, they were going to give the crown and title to their friend Lilian.

On the night of the homecoming game, Anahi was named homecoming queen. When announced, she walked up to accept her crown and instead, surprised everyone. In front of the entire student body, parents and faculty, Anahi called Lilian to the center of the field and crowned her Homecoming Queen.

For obvious reasons, Anahi and Naomi’s awesome commitment to kindness went viral, and Ellen Degeneres invited all three of the girls to appear on her show to have a crowning ceremony of her own!

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Who’s laughing now, bullies?

Ellen chatted with all of the girls and commended them for the incredible young women that they are, before naming them all “‘Ellen’ Homecoming Queens.” And she didn’t stop there! Ellen loved what these girls did so much, she decided to add their photo to the hallway of “favorite people.” Then the trio was surprised by checks for $10,000 each to go toward their college expenses!

What Naomi and Anahi did for their friend who was up against a group of bullies exemplifies the meaning of friendship. They had their friend’s back, and there was no bully that could ruin homecoming for any of them.

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