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Jill Duggar to Dad Jim Bob: “You Treat Me Worse Than My Pedophile Brother”

A new, scathing memoir by daughter Jill Duggar Dillard released this week, and an excerpt published in People Magazine shows that it does not portray Jim Bob Duggar in a positive light at all. 

‘They Couldn’t Understand Why We Pray’—Melissa Joan Hart Takes Family Mission Trip to Zambia

Actor Melissa Joan Hart shared about her work as an ambassador for the Christian humanitarian aid organization World Vision and her recent trip to Zambia.

Quick-Thinking Uber Driver Saves 16-Year-Old Passenger From Sex Trafficking

“It struck me as odd because she was so young.”


Quick-Thinking Uber Driver Saves 16-Year-Old Passenger From Sex Trafficking

“It struck me as odd because she was so young.”

The Day My 13-Yr-Old Boy Became a Man & Taught Me How to Be a Mom Without Saying a Word

"He didn’t say a word. He walked over and wrapped his arms around me and he hugged me for a long time."

“On Labor Day, I Lost My 3-Year-Old Autistic Son at the Worst Place Possible: A Water Park”: Mom Warns Parents It ‘Takes a Village’...

He went down the slide, ran a few feet ahead of me, turned a corner and was gone. It was as quick as that. The only thing in front of him was a lazy river with a strong current. Even if he could swim, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Dear Mama: This Summer, Be the One

"Be the one who drinks in long hot days, shrieking little people, and melting popsicles because you value the chaos in the moment."

“I Have Held My Dead Son’s Body & Ordered God to Bring Him Back”: Grieving Mom Begs Parents to Hold Their Children Tighter

I have gone through every mother’s worst fear. I feel led to write this to all you Mamas because I have a longing to look each of you in the eyes and tell you this:

‘I Posted This Photo of My Son After His Wrestling Tournament. It Ended Up on a Fetish Page’: Mom Warns Parents About Instagram Pedophile...

"Then, it hit me… Holy crap. It’s an advertisement to pedophiles out there to join together and make a network."

Teen Couple “Judged” for Having a Baby Gets Sweet Redemption 18 Years Later With Viral Pic

“My mom was 15 while pregnant with me, she had me at 16. My dad was 17... My parents were judged a lot during this time but stayed strong together."

Mom’s Controversial Decision: Why I’m Sending My College Kid to Campus with Narcan, and You Should Too

A friend asked me, "Would you send your college kid to school with Narcan?" As the opioid crisis rages on in America, parents are faced with a new reality.

Mom Warns Parents After Baby Gets 2nd-Degree Burns From Baby Sunscreen

“I would have never in a million years imagined her to get a burn so severe from sunscreen.”

Photo of Dad & Grandpa Just Watching Toddler Throw Tantrum in Whole Foods Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons

"This post is about one thing and one thing only. Being comfortable in the uncomfortable."

“A Boy at School Punched My Daughter in the Face. Hard. What on Earth Are We Teaching Our Girls?”

"A boy at school punched my daughter in the face. HARD. And yes, I have pictures..."