Divorced Woman Adopts 2 Babies Out of Foster Care, Learns Her ‘Irish Twins’ Are Actually Siblings

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Four years ago I was a recently divorced woman in her early [30s] struggling to find my way. I knew God was calling me to be a woman quite different than who I was at the time. I remember literally looking in the mirror one day and sobbing at the woman I saw. I knew I was not the woman my heart desired to be. I committed to changing my life and making a life that was fulfilling and one I was proud of.

Over the next year, I changed jobs and bought a ‘fixer upper.’ The house I bought would require extensive work to transform into my vision and most of which I would have to do myself in order to afford it.  The house was a large [four] bedroom home…which I told my friends at the time was meant for ‘more’ even though I really didn’t know what ‘more’ meant.

Just a couple weeks after moving into my new home while in the midst of half-torn out floors, ripped out cabinets, and unending paint projects, I received an email from my pastor at church. Honestly, I only read them occasionally, but this time my interest was caught by an informational session about foster care.

I did not know anyone who fostered children or who was raised in a foster home. I really knew nothing about it, but my heart felt called to learn more. When I proceeded to ask my mother, who was helping me with the renovations, ‘Would you go with me to this informational session about foster care?’  She said ‘WHAT?!’

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After lots of warnings and discouragement that this new house and new job were more than I could handle and that fostering a child was the LAST thing I needed to be doing at the moment… she went with me to the session. What I heard that evening about foster care gave me chills and scared me, but it also pulled at my heart in a way I couldn’t stop thinking about.

I continued to pray and work through the idea of taking on children of trauma as a single full-time working woman. After lots of contemplation, on Mother’s Day of 2015, I completed my application and took the next step to become a foster mom and beginning a new adventure.

Fast forward to a year later with my 4th foster child, a 13-month-old baby boy, who was filling my heart with so much joy and helped me to realize I wanted a longer-term placement and potentially one to stay forever. Up until then, I had really only focused on temporary placements but was cautiously open to fostering-to-adopt if the option presented itself.  At my caseworkers next home visit, I revealed my desire to be a child’s forever home (or at a minimum a long-term placement for a year or more).

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Katie is a single mama originally from Alabama who has called Colorado home for the last decade.