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Why Do We Celebrate Anxiety?

We make funny memes about how the Holiday Season has us freaking out, and we laugh and laugh. Meanwhile our hearts are hurting. We end up on the other side of January wondering where the joy went, why it can’t be like it was when we were a child.

“God’s Timing Is Always Perfect”: NFL Player Carson Wentz On New Baby and New Contract

After signing a new contract with the Los Angeles Rams earlier in the week, Carson Wentz and wife Madison welcomed their third baby girl, Hayes Emersyn, on Friday November 10th.

Travis Kelce Wows Moms By Understanding Their “Mental Load”

Two-time Super Bowl champ and Kansas City Chiefs all-time leading receiver Travis Kelce, also known as Taylor Swift's boyfriend, is wowing women - specifically moms - for a new reason this week.


They Were Born 6 Hours Apart in the Same Hospital. 35 Years Later, They Got Married

Like many modern couples, Elizabeth Goracke and Joshua Colbert met on a dating app, Hinge. Except in their case...that's not really 100% true. It turns out, the couple discovered they'd actually first met in the hospital nursery, on the very day they were born.

Married 69 Years, Hospitalized Couple Holds Hands Til the Very End

Tommy and Virginia Stevens, both 91, were, in the eyes of their family and friends, a legendary couple. The Tennessee high school sweethearts proved earlier this month that their love truly endured until "death do us part."

Husband Curses Wife’s Boots as He Trips Over Them—When He Realizes Where They’ve Been, He’s in Tears

Here they were. Brown boots, fuzzy on the inside, worn ragged but sturdy as fresh leather, covered in dog hair and the permanent crumbs of family life.

Saving Yourself For Marriage, Even After You’re Married

"A lot of people hear the saying 'saving yourself for marriage' and immediately think of abstinence, but that’s not what I’m talking about today. In fact, I’m talking about having sex. Lots of sex. So be warned. If you don’t like to speak about apparently taboo subjects like sex then you’ll want to stop reading right now."

Hey Husband, Hallmark Doesn’t Have a Darn Clue

I didn’t want to settle for some sing-songy card that took for granted the blood sweat and tears we have endured in order to be where we are today.

“You Are How I Got My Magic” — Devon Franklin Gushes Over the Strong Women Who Shaped His Life

DeVon Franklin is the President and CEO of Franklin Entertainment, a multi-media company that produces inspirational and commercial content.

You’re Not the Man I Dreamed of Marrying

I figured he’d have a degree, a sports car, and no problem handing me the keys to a big house with a white picket fence. I didn’t realize that at forty years old I’d look at the man beside me and see a pick-up driving, vagabond, high-school graduate.

Dear Jealous, Needy, Crazy Wife

"Maybe my words really don’t matter unless I am shouting out the only real answer. I am certain other wives feel like jealous, insecure, needy crazies."

Is There Such a Thing as Good Sex After Kids?

“Sex after kids is the best sex,” said no one, ever. That’s not to say kids themselves have any control over their parents’ sex lives, but I think we can all agree that it’s pretty easy for libido to morph into libi-DON’T once the pitter patter of little feet begins to fill the halls of our homes.

Christian Singer Takes ‘The Voice’ to CHURCH With Tearful Performance of “How Great Thou Art”

On Monday night, Team Blake's Kyla Jade rocked "The Voice" stage with a riveting performance of the Christian hymn "How Great Thou Art."

Dear Husband, Nail Yourself to the Tree and Die

Sometimes I feel a burst of "manliness" quake inside me. But if I stop and step back, I find it’s not manliness at all. It’s a pitch of lies pushing up through my old flesh: You’re the man, make them listen, make them follow, make them, make them.