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Pennsylvania Parents Drown After Getting Caught in Rip Current While Vacationing with Their Six Children

A Pennsylvania couple's family vacation in Hutchinson Island, Florida, turned into a heartbreaking tragedy when the parents drowned after being caught in a rip current.

Stanford University Dean Says “Over Parenting” Is Ruining Your Kids

It's an epidemic that's influencing an entire generation of children.

Lilly King Gets Engaged Poolside After Qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris

American swimmer Lilly King celebrated not just one, but two monumental achievements poolside Thursday night. After qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics, King was surprised with a romantic proposal from her boyfriend, James Wells.


Should Christian Women Watch Bridgerton?

While Bridgerton may be a popular and visually stunning period drama, there are several reasons why Christian women may choose to abstain from watching it. 

Woman Pays for Single Dad’s Groceries, Has No Idea She’ll Meet Him in Her Church Pew 3 Months Later

I look to my left, and my stomach literally plummets to the ground. Then my heart begins to race. At the end of our pew, sat the same single Dad and his 2 children.

Are the Northern Lights God’s Creation? A Christian Perspective on the Aurora Borealis

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Lights and their significance from a Christian viewpoint. Learn how this natural wonder reflects God's majesty, power, and artistry in creation.

10 Uplifting Bible Verses About Sadness to Bring Comfort in Times of Need

Discover 10 powerful Bible verses about sadness that offer hope and solace in life's darkest moments. Find comfort in the timeless wisdom of Scripture and let the light of God's love guide you through the darkest of times.

Unveiling Transformative Power: 7 Bible Verses About New Beginnings

Explore the profound wisdom and hope in these 7 Bible verses about new beginnings, guiding you through seasons of change and renewal.

What Is Maundy Thursday?—How to Celebrate During Holy Week

As we celebrate Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter, you may start to wonder, what is Maundy Thursday? Three days before Easter, we come to Maundy Thursday. "Maundy" comes from the Latin word "mandatum," meaning command, order, or commission.

Luke Bryan Reveals How the Sudden Death of His Brother Drove Him to God

"The losses gave me such a deep perspective of life; how tough it can get at any second. You question it every day."

Unpacking Controversy: Dissecting the “Christspiracy” Documentary and Its Critics

Explore the contentious "Christspiracy" documentary, diving into its exploration of unconventional spirituality and dietary practices, while navigating through critiques of its credibility and focus. Get insights into the controversy surrounding the film's assertions and reception.

We Broke Up With Netflix

We love TV and Netflix. My husband loved TV. So, how could I explain to him that I felt like God wanted us to let that part of our life go? I had a check in my spirit though, and through obedience, we broke up with Netflix.

WATCH: Chicago Airport Passengers Erupt into Viral Worship Service Singing “Amazing Grace”

"Following the worship session, the man leading the crowd began to lead the mass of people in the salvation prayer, to which many of the passengers emphatically responded."

Living for God: Practical Steps and Biblical Principles for a Purposeful Life

Discover practical steps and biblical principles for living for God. From surrendering your will to prioritizing God above all else, learn how to cultivate spiritual habits and serve others with love and compassion.