“How Should I Kill Him?”: Prince of ISIS Plots to Murder Christian Leader, Comes to Christ in Radical Conversion


When a Christian leader named Peter first received a call from Muhammad, he was skeptical that the man may be affiliated with ISIS.

Little did Peter know, not only was he associated with the Islamic terrorist group, Muhammad was, in fact, a ‘Prince of ISIS’ — one whom thousands had sworn allegiance to.

The ISIS leader who had spent a lifetime teaching people how to memorize the Quran had recently become skeptical of his Muslim faith, particularly when he realized he could find no hard evidence that proved the divinity of the god he worshipped. He feared his whole life may have been a lie, and it left him with an unspeakable emptiness that became too all-consuming to ignore.

Hearing that Peter preached to people about Jesus, a desperate Muhammad called the Leading the Way missionary, who responded to his request to meet in bold faith.

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Thankfully, Peter chose to be led by the supernatural peace of God rather than the fear perpetuated by his carnal knowledge, and he bravely went to Muhammad’s house.

“I had a strange feeling that he was from ISIS and that he might try to kill me,” said Peter. “But I had a peace inside that the Lord would protect me, as He had a reason behind this encounter. So I set up an appointment, knowing that he could try to kill me.”

To make matters more challenging, Peter clearly heard God tell him “Be bold with him,” so he knew he could not present the Gospel lightly to this potentially violent man who may very well end his life on the spot.

Sure enough, not long into the meeting, Muhammad’s mood took a wicked turn, as he felt threatened by the arrogance of Peter’s bold claims about Jesus.

“His words had awakened Muhammad, the radical one,” said Muhammad. “Because of my anger, for a moment, I forgot why I came to Peter. I suddenly had one thought: How should I kill him?

But in a miraculous turn of events, Muhammad’s intent to kill Peter morphed into a prayer session that radically saved him from his sin, as he professed faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Watch the video below to hear how this murder plot miraculously transformed into a salvation story that exemplifies the mighty power of our Savior, that even an ISIS Prince cannot resist.

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