WATCH: Chick-fil-A Stops During Lunch Rush Hour, Leads Customers in Prayer for Sick Employee

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As a Christian-owned fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A has long been known for shining the light of Jesus in their community.

From opening their doors for church service on Sunday to opening on the Sabbath to serve food to victims of natural disasters, their employees have gone to great lengths to show they do so much more than serve savory chicken with a smile. They genuinely care for their customers, community, and employees.

Nothing could have shown that more vividly than a scene recently witnessed at a North Carolina Chick-fil-A where the manager stopped customers and employees alike to lead them in prayer for a co-worker undergoing surgery.

Ms. Trish, a beloved co-worker and a “pillar in the community,” was to be starting surgery that day to treat her breast cancer.

Her hardship and first step in recovery weighed heavily on the hearts of the Chick-fil-A employees working that day.

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So the manager on duty made a bold move by asking everyone in the restaurant to stop in the middle of what they were doing — whether that be serving, eating, or waiting in line for food — to pray for Ms. Trish.

A witness in the store caught the beautiful moment on camera as every single person stopped in their tracks and bowed their heads during a busy lunch rush hour to pray for this sweet soul undergoing surgery.

A hushed silence fell across the once-bustling area as the manager led everyone in prayer:

“Dear Lord, please just protect Ms. Trish as she begins her surgery today. Please give the surgeon a steady hand as they perform the needed surgery on her, and please keep everybody in the surgery room, let them be at their best today and have sharp minds and clear heads as they work on her. We need her back here. She is our light, she’s a pillar in the community for us, and everybody here loves her so much, and please, please just protect her and get her back here to brighten all of our days as soon as you can. In Jesus’ name we pray.”

The viral video has swept across the Internet, filling viewers’ hearts with the joy of the Lord, and of course, ONE more reason to eat Chick-fil-A.


Watch dozens of strangers join in humbly bowing and believing in the power of prayer below: 

Chick-fil-A in North Carolina joins in prayer for team member

PRAYERS: You could hear a pin drop when people inside a Chick-fil-A joined in prayer for a team member undergoing surgery for breast cancer. 🙏

FULL STORY: http://bit.ly/2Ne0fIE

Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Sunday, September 2, 2018

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