MLB Star Clayton Kershaw Opens Up About the 5-Word Prayer That Radically Transformed His Life

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Never in a million years did Clayton Kershaw think he’d have the opportunity to play professional baseball, in the major leagues.

Now pitching in the World Series for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Kershaw says it’s God’s provision on his life that got him to where he is today.

Growing up, Kershaw says his parents’ divorce ultimately took away his sense of control. Facing anxiety and confusion at just 10 years old, he responded by throwing himself into the things he could control.

Kershaw says what he’s learned about life though, is that the harder you grip something in control, the more God is going to throw you some curveballs in an effort to make you rely on Him. Trusting Him doesn’t come easy, but if anyone knows it’s worth it, it’s number 22.

“The prayer I say before I go out there and pitch is…not, ‘God, let me win today,’ or ‘God…help me pitch good,’ it’s ‘God, just be with me.’”

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The 29-year-old has been outspoken about his faith in Christ since the day he was drafted into the MLB—the day he says he completely surrendered his life to the Lord.

Not only did it launch a successful baseball career, but in turn, the pitcher has found purpose in his nonprofit, Kershaw’s Challenge.

The “Christ-centered, others-focused” organization seeks to encourage people to use their God-given passion and talents to make a difference in their communities.

With a heavy presence in Los Angeles, Dallas, Zambia and the Dominican Republic, Kershaw’s Challenge is committed to transforming the lives of children through Jesus Christ by partnering with sustainable organizations who make life better for kids.

In a video for I Am Second, Kershaw talks about his wonderful wife, Ellen, and their relationship with a little girl named Hope.

Hope lives in Zambia—one of the countries where Kershaw’s Challenge is working to better the lives of children. After presenting a very short and basic version of the Gospel to Hope, the little girl accepted Christ into her life, and found what she’d been looking for. By no coincidence, it also happened to be her name.

In honor of Hope, the Kershaws built an orphanage in Zambia and called it “Hope’s House.” Their desire is for the house to be an avenue for bringing others to Christ.

Through his celebrity as a professional baseball player, Kershaw hopes to encourage others to “stand out,” and “act boldly” in their faith.

“Whether it be pitching on a baseball mound or living my life outside of the baseball field, it’s giving up my life to God that really puts my life in control.”

To learn more about how you can get involved in Kershaw’s Challenge, visit www.kershawschallenge.com. 

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