After a Tragic Accident, Dallas Weins Loses His Face—Read What His Daughter Says About His Shocking Transformation

dallas weins

When his daughter saw Weins for the first time after the surgery she said, “Daddy, you’re so handsome.”

Photo credit: Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dallas is now in school, studying for a law degree so that he can advocate for the blind—probably something that had never even crossed his mind before.

Photo credit: Brigham and Women’s Hospital

God is SO good, and Dallas is proof that God can take any of our awful, unbearable, unimaginable or just downright terrible circumstances, and make them GOOD.

What an astounding example of the redeeming power of our Creator. Nothing is too far gone for Him, and sometimes it is only when we are brought to the brink of death that we experience true life.

See more from Dallas’ remarkable story in the video below:

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