Duranice Pace Stuns Viewers With Her Voice on the Steve Harvey Show

Duranice Pace

Duranice Pace’s Voice Stuns Viewers

Duranice Pace’s dream was to go to Broadway “from eight years old,” she told Steve Harvey.

And miraculously, after the scary and painful experiences that directly attacked her throat and voice, Duranice Pace found she could do anything with the voice God’s given her.

Well, Duranice certainly gave back to God with her voice.

Just during the interview on the Steve Harvey Show, she sang words of encouragement over Steve.

“This is Steve Harvey; he’s a good man. He loves the Lord and he’ll give you a helping hand,” she sang powerfully.

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“God’s going to bless Steve Harvey,” Duranice continued. “Keep on, Steve. Keep on, you helped me to live, sir, keep on.”

In response, Steve shared that his mom raised him as a Christian. He said, “She said, ‘Steve, God gon’ give you a big house on the hill one day. He said but you don’t get on the hill and don’t tell nobody else how to get up there.'”

Steve Harvey went on to share about his mourning experience in losing his mother, but he said, “I was raised where she in heaven now…And she watches me and she sees. I just hope she’s seein’ today.”

Explaining his reason for seeking after God, he said, “The only reason I straightened up and started doing right was ’cause I just wanna see her. Other than that, I’d still be going to Hell like I was.”

Duranice Pace went on during the Steve Harvey Show to perform. Watch her performance here:

As Steve reflected on Duranice’s time on the show, he told her, “You think I’m helping you, but you really helping me. I thank you because this was for me.”

The performance from the show was posted to Facebook, and then it wasn’t only the Steve Harvey Show audience that felt moved.

One Facebook user who viewed the performance said, “My Lord help us today! Such a humble vessel with A voice that carried the anointing and destroyed yokes. We will truly miss your voice and praying for your family indeed.”

As for Steve Harvey, he wants to point people to God with his talent, just as Duranice does.

In his own words on Twitter: “God really wants to help us, but he requires that we have a relationship with him. If you’re out here trying to make it without God, you are making life harder than it needs to be. There is a higher power, there is a God. It’s time to get in touch with God.”

Check out his tweet here:

The World Says Goodbye to Duranice Pace

On January 14, 2021, Duranice Pace passed away at the age of 62, after she had some health complications.

Steve Harvey learned quickly of this and posted to Twitter, still moved by his time with her:

Users responding to her passing posted to Twitter their condolences.

Shiz said, “I’m in tears. What an inspirational woman. I have no doubt that at this very moment in time, she is standing beside JESUS and is leading the choir.”

Mac_Toni_89 said, “Now Uncle Steve, speaking of things not going according to plan. I was just supposed to be scrolling social media and now y’all got a real one crying. All the people who’ve lived a hard life just started crying on instant.”

Another user posted, “She’s a blessing, powerful words she sung to you Steve. Angels are all around you and watching over you. AMEN.”

Duranice Pace will be missed, and her voice will continue to inspire us and point us to the Lord.

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