Duranice Pace Stuns Viewers With Her Voice on the Steve Harvey Show

Duranice Pace

Horribly abused as a child, Duranice Pace went through her fair share of trials. But this powerful singer didn’t let that get her down. Instead, she praised God with her voice, despite severe damage done to her vocal cords when her childhood abuser fed her rat poison. Her story and voice are so powerful she left Steve Harvey and the audience in tears when she appeared on the Steve Harvey Show.

Duranice Pace Visits the Steve Harvey Show

Gospel singer, Duranice Pace was on Steve Harvey’s variety show sharing how God has sustained her through many trials, including childhood abuse and cancer. She shared how she was abused so badly that she was even given rat poison, which damaged the gospel singer’s voice.

Believe it or not, doctors told Duranice at the time of the incident that she “would never talk again.”

But, if you’ve heard Duranice Pace sing, you know the doctors were wrong. And she attributes her incredible ability to sing to God.

“I believe the Lord gave me a touch when they fed me rat poison in Rochester, New York, and they had to cut out half of my vocal cords,” said Duranice. “But the man upstairs said, ‘You gonna sing again’.”

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And she did.

Listen to Duranice Pace tell her story on the Steve Harvey Show:

As Duranice explained, the childhood abuse wasn’t the only incident that could have kept her from glorifying God with her voice. She also had thyroid cancer.

“They gave me three years to live,” the gospel singer shared on the Steve Harvey Show.

But that was “March 28, 11 years ago,” Duranice Pace told Steve in 2019.

Continuing on, Duranice burst into song: “I didn’t know if I was gonna be alive, but God now kept me alive to see you, sir. And I’m just glad to be here. I can go to heaven now.”

As the audience on the Steve Harvey Show cheered, Steven Harvey was brought to tears by Duranice Pace’s words.

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