Ed Sheeran’s Surprise for Dying Daughter Leaves Mom Wrecked: “You Literally Keep Her Alive”

Melody Driscoll was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Rett Syndrome when she was born, and her parents were told she wouldn’t live past 4 years old—but the spirited 9-year-old is still defying those odds, largely through the musical therapy of one man: Ed Sheeran.

From surprise wedding crashing to writing his multi-platinum hit “Thinking Out Loud” to help a friend pay her mortgage, Ed is well-known for using his fame for a bigger purpose, but nothing will melt your heart quite like the surprise he pulled off for sweet little Melody.

Because of her neurological disorder, she can’t walk or talk, but she can fully comprehend. She’s had over 40 operations and has spent 80 percent of her life in the hospital. In spite of it all, she’s smiling ear to ear each and every day. And it’s all because of this guy:

Facebook/Melody in Mind

“She is a living miracle,” her mom, Karina Driscoll, told The Huffington Post.

“One of the times Melody was in severe pain, Ed managed to pull her out of that pain episode,” said Karina. “So now every time she’s in pain we have to put Ed’s videos on our phones―the nurses do this, too.”

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Facebook/Melody in Mind

She wrote the following message to Ed on Melody’s Facebook page:

“So many times I nearly lost her because she was giving up but as soon as we put you on Melody would start fighting back. This is what I mean when I say that I literally owe you her life. You literally keep her alive. She fights to stay in this crazy world just because of you.” 

She calls him Melody’s “Prince Charming.”

About a year ago, Karina started petitioning for the singer to pay Melody a visit, but unfortunately it was right around the time he went on a social media break, so the request never got to him. However, support for the cause continued to gain momentum, and eventually a viral video displaying Melody’s ailing condition and passion to meet Ed Sheeran got the singer’s attention.

And in true Ed style, he did not disappoint.

Facebook/Melody in Mind

He showed up to meet the little fighter and serenaded her with some of her favorite tunes including “Thinking Out Loud” and “Photograph.” Melody’s heart just about EXPLODED at the sight of her favorite gingerbread man strumming away on her mini pink guitar, and the footage caught on camera is almost too much to bear!! Check it out in the video below:

This says it all! 😍

Posted by Melody In Mind on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

“She was starstruck at first, she didn’t believe it was him so he let her stroke his tattoo to prove he was the real deal,” said Karina.

Facebook/Melody in Mind

And Melody’s excitement from the experience hasn’t faded one bit.

“Melody is still on cloud nine,” her mom wrote. “Whenever Ed’s name is mentioned she starts smiling and giggling and tapping our phones so we can play the videos of her with him to her. She then starts kissing the phone. It’s so sweet.”

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