Ed Sheeran Sneaks Up on 8-Yr-Old Serenading Ellen With His Song—When He Turns Around? Priceless!

After a two-year hiatus, Ed Sheeran is all the buzz with the release of his new hits that broke global streaming records within just 24 hours.

But just as compelling as his music is Ed’s sweet, gingerbread charm that just exudes from the British singer wherever he goes. From wedding crashing his fans to showing up at a sick 9-year-old’s hospital bed, Ed is known for making legendary unannounced (but never unwelcome) grand entrances.

And he surely didn’t disappoint when Ellen invited one of her favorite returning guests, 8-year-old Kai Langer, onto the show for a Valentine’s Day special.

Kai belted his heart out to “Thinking Out Loud” as the crowd roared in applause for the charmingly animated singer.

But he was so focused on wooing Ellen that he didn’t even notice when Ed Sheeran himself popped up behind him on the chair!

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Ed was supposed to appear later on the Valentine’s Day episode, but when he spotted Kai on stage from his dressing room, he couldn’t help but come out and surprise the talented little tyke who was singing his trademark tune.

When Kai finally turns around, his adorable starstruck reaction says it ALL. 💞

Check out the priceless interaction in the video below:

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