“Eliminate the Sufferer, Not the Suffering” — Pro-Life Advocate Schools Student Trying to Justify Abortion

In the comments, several people spoke from experience arguing that their own personal suffering in foster care has never justified abortion.

“I lived abused, in foster care and taken care of by unstable family member that the foster system and the judge placed me in,” one commenter wrote. “Do I think I should of [sic] been aborted? No! I love my life, yes my childhood sucked but I live a beautiful life now. I am so grateful for my mother that gave me life, even if she never was a mother to me. I’m looking into being a foster parent myself, I have so much love to give and a safe home. I’m so tired of the pro-choice crowd using my life and others to justify abortion.”

“Not all children in foster care are suffering,” another one wrote.


And another made this zinger of a point, that has us all nodding in agreement:

“Here’s the thing no one talks about or explains. Abortion is justified by Pro-Choice, because it will keep an unwanted child out of Foster Care, or from being abused, etc. But, if that is a truth, WHY do we have Children in Foster Care now? Why do we have children who die from abuse, or neglect now? I mean if Pro-Choice claims that abortion will help eliminate that, why are those things still an issue? I mean Abortion has been legal since 1973. Yet, we still have homeless Children, Children in Foster Care, Children born with horrific defects, etc. The truth is, Abortion is NEVER about concern for the fetus. It’s ALWAYS about a woman not being ‘inconvenienced.’ It’s about human pride and escaping consequences of our choices. It’s about shifting blame to a defenseless human. We don’t destroy/punish/fix the real issues. No, that would require ‘work.’ We’re lazy. We throw away things that become inconvenient.”

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