Strangers Ignore Crying Pregnant Mom in Street—When Ellen Finds Out, She Hunts Down the Only 3 People Who Stopped

It’s no secret that Ellen Degeneres is the queen of surprising fans, strangers and celebrities alike. Most commonly in the form of a massive check or a crew member jumping out at someone.

Whether she’s playing epic pranks on the guest of honor, or testing the honesty of her fans in the talk show gift shop, Ellen is always two steps ahead of people.

Of course it’s always in good fun and fueled by humor, as her audience sits back and gets to be a part of the action.

In a segment called “Cash for Kindness,” Ellen sent crew member Amy out to the streets to test the kindness of strangers.

Sporting an extremely pregnant belly, Ellen sets Amy up with a packed U-haul and some broken boxes to see if there were any good samaritans who would stop and help a mama out.

After multiple failed attempts to get even one person to stop and help the expecting mother who literally looked like she was about to burst, Amy and Ellen were having no luck.

Drivers even went out of their way to drive around Amy and her overflowing mess of broken boxes and items.

But not all hope was lost. After some time making a scene in the street, Amy finally attracted the attention and care of three strangers.

Check out Ellen’s amazing surprise for these selfless pedestrians who offered to help Amy out:

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