Fan Loses Every Ellen Contest for 6 Years. Then Ellen Says She’s Lost AGAIN—But She’s Got a BIGGER Surprise in Store

Ellen Degeneres is widely known for her witty personality, overflowing generosity, and for having fans and everyday people appear as guests on her talk-show.

She also loves to surprise people.

Whether it’s having a crew member jump out of a box, or showing up on a fan’s doorstep, there aren’t too many people Ellen hasn’t managed to catch off-guard.

One special lady who’s had a hand in many of Ellen’s surprises is her receptionist, Jeannie.

Jeannie is the one who typically delivers Ellen’s surprises to fans at home. She’s an integral part of the show, and a radiant personality to boot—which is exactly how she got her job working for Ellen.

Back in 2008, Jeannie Klisiewicz was just your average gal-pal from Sugar Grove, Illinois. She also happened to be Ellen’s BIGGEST fan.

After entering every single Ellen contest for six years, Jeannie had never won anything. The show’s producers caught wind of her humorous losing streak, and Ellen wound up calling her live during the show to tell her that she still hadn’t won!

Little did anyone know that day, Jeannie had just struck the jackpot.

True to the gift-fairy that she is, Ellen asked Jeannie what it is she needed. To which Jeannie replied, “I need a job…I’ll clean your bathroom!”

In their brief conversation, Ellen fell in love with Jeannie’s joyful personality, and felt compelled to have her on the show.

She invited the fun-loving fangirl down to the stage, and offered Jeannie a job on live television as the show’s new receptionist!

I swear, you cannot make these Ellen surprises up!!

Since being hired, Jeannie has appeared on the show regularly—meeting big name celebrities, going behind the scenes and spreading joy wherever she goes.

Check out Jeannie’s journey below!

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