Ellen Has to Pry Collapsed Guest Out of Her Chair—When She Turns Around, She Can’t HANDLE It!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Ellen said on Feb. 27, 2019 Lisa died after her battle with breast cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in late 2018, KHOU reported at the time.

Lisa died on Feb. 21, according to her online obituary.

The world isn’t the same without Lisa Jarmon,” Ellen wrote on Twitter.

It was Ellen’s birthday once upon a 2012, and as a little gift to herself, the 54-year-old entertainer wanted to invite a guest on the show who would make her smile.

“It’s my birthday, and they always like me to be around people that make me happy on my birthday,” said Ellen. “And I said, ‘Lisa makes me happy. Where’s Lisa?'”

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Let’s just say the favorite viewer, Lisa Jarmon, did NOT disappoint…

The struggling mom of four had previously appeared on the show and unexpectedly scored a shiny set of red wheels that she now calls “The Ellen Car.”

But you best believe America’s favorite talk show host in the business of making dreams true had MORE in store for Lisa in round two.

The charming mother who takes care of not only her own children but also her grandchildren left a powerful impression on Ellen with her fun-loving spirit that outshines any adversity she faces.

Lisa was already over the MOON in shock when Ellen presented her with an oversized $1,000 gift card to JCPenney…

But when it came time for the grand finale giveaway, this emotional mama simply Could. NOT. Handle. It!!

After Lisa swooned backward over her cushy velvet chair, Ellen actually had to PRY HER OUT of it to face the whopper of a surprise hiding behind the curtain.

She kept telling Ellen,”It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay,” ensuring her that she truly did not feel worthy to accept another gift of such magnitude. The joy and gratitude that overflows from this selfless woman’s heart is truly contagious.

Check out Lisa’s beautifully tearful reaction to this once-in-a-lifetime surprise below!

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