Firefighter, Marc Hadden, Tells Wife He Delivered a Baby at Work—48 Hrs Later, He’s Got Another Surprise

For first responder Marc Hadden, there is no such thing as a normal day on the job. From saving families from burning houses to rushing to the aid of crash victims, this fireman is certainly used to adapting to the unusual.

However, he never expected that one particular emergency call would result in him bringing the miracle of life into the world.

Marc Hadden delivered a baby girl

It was a cool, crisp November evening when Marc got the call that would change his life forever. 

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“It was just a normal, somewhat normal call, ” he recalled. “Very quickly we learned that it was going to be a life changer for us.”

A woman was in labor, and she needed their help—fast.

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Marc and the other emergency responders had no time to get her to the hospital, so before he knew it, he was delivering a beautiful baby girl.

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