9-Yr-Old Notices Mom Keeps Packing & Unpacking—So She Sends a Letter to Fox News

Most 9-year-old girls spend their time riding scooters around the neighborhood, playing “house” with their dolls, and drawing pictures of the things they love. But for 9-year-old Ariel Koltes, things weren’t all daisies and butterflies.

Her mind was focused on taking care of her mom, and making sure that they were able to keep their apartment. With the help of her grandmother, Ariel wrote a letter to the Fox5 Surprise Squad. The Las Vegas news station’s community outreach team learns about neighbors in the Las Vegas area who could really use some love, praise and help.

The Fox5 Surprise Squad never fails to turn me into a sloppy sobbing mess. Seriously, their surprises are completely over the top. It’s unbelievable the money, resources and time that the Surprise Squad and their community partners are able to give back to their neighbors.

Ariel’s letter brought the team to tears, and they knew it was their mission to help this little girl and her mother.

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“Her mind right now is on her mom, and how are they going to make rent,” explains Fox5 news anchor, Stephanie Jay. “No 9-year-old, should ever ever have to worry about something like that.”

The property management company had given Ariel’s mother Natalie, multiple extensions and chances to pay what she owed, but time was running out.

The Surprise Squad showed up and helped Ariel and Natalie in a BIG way!

At just nine years old, Ariel found a way to solve a problem that she and her mother were facing. That’s the mark of a world changer, and with the help of Fox5, this little girl can get back to spending her time as 9-year-olds should—having fun, and dreaming big.

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