Girl Sent to In-School Suspension for Hole in Jeans, Told to Consider Boys’ Hormones


It seems girls’ clothing choices have been discriminated against for far too long, both in the Christian and secular culture.

From being blamed for getting raped for their wardrobe choice to the “modest is hottest” mantra being utterly abused, society is sending a clear message to young women: your choice in clothing dictates a man’s choice to invade you inappropriately or call you vulgar names.

In her piece entitled Dear Christian Men in Tank Tops, author Krysti Wilkonson takes a satirical approach to the matter in saying, “I’ve read one too many blogs on yoga pants and women (especially Christian women), so I decided Christian men and tank tops should be treated in the same manner.”

Well one heated mama, Melissa McKinlay, is fed up with this unfair treatment after her daughter was pulled out of class and thrown into in-school suspension for merely having a hole in the knee of her jeans. To make matters worse, the male administrator who did it told her the reason is [that] “she needed to consider the guys in her class and their hormones when choosing her wardrobe.”

Furious, Melissa wrote straight to the county school district, declaring the punishment sexist, and her Facebook post quickly gained traction with others across the web who found her daughter’s treatment to be unjust.

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Read her rant in full below:

“So…Mom rant.

Dear Palm Beach County School District:

My daughter wore a pair of jeans today to school. They had a hole in the knee.

In the middle of a quiz in her IB History class, a male administrator came to classroom, told her she needed to consider the guys in her class and their hormones when choosing her wardrobe, yanked her out of class and threw her into In School Suspension for the remainder of the day. So she missed an entire day of core classes and couldn’t finish her quiz.

I’m sorry but EXCUSE ME? Perhaps she should have worn a different pair of jeans. But why should she have to worry about dressing a certain way to curtail a boy’s potential behavior? So, like, it’s her fault if the boy touches her because of what she was wearing?

A boy’s potential inability to control his hormones warrants my daughter’s inability to attend her classes today and miss valuable curriculum?

A male administrator yanked her out of a classroom because of a [darn] KNEE? Did he pull the boys out who were wearing shorts? They have TWO knees showing?

Sexism. Victim blaming. Girl shaming.

This Administrator should be suspended.

Here’s what the jeans look like. Did seeing this affect your ability to concentrate?


I’d like to think her intelligence & quick wit, beautiful smile and wicked sense of humor might. Her knee?



PS If she needs a lunch detention for being slightly out of dress code, so be it. But this? No. Not an appropriate response. EVER.”

What do you think of Melissa’s rant?

Was her daughter treated unfairly in the context of the situation, or did she deserve the punishment she received? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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