No, God Does Not Love Everyone Equally—and Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

By Megan Briggs

Lisa Bevere poses a question in the following video that has doubtless been on the minds of many believers. What if God doesn’t love us all the same?

Bevere recalls how she was battling jetlag and lying down to take a nap one day when the thought came to her: The Holy Spirit said, “I do not love my children equally.”

Bevere explains she was dumbfounded by the statement. Surely God loves us all the same. Surely he couldn’t do something like play favorites. But the Holy Spirit went on to explain, “Same would mean one of you are replaceable…I don’t love my children equally. I love them uniquely.”

The word “unique” caught Bevere’s attention, so she looked up the definition: “Sole representative of.” Meaning, you are the only one who represents God the way you represent God. However, the third tier of the definition was her favorite: Without rival.

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“There is no rival for your place in God’s heart. There is no rival for your place in this world.”

Bevere goes on to pinpoint a problem with rivalry we have in the church. According to her, this problem is costing us our effectiveness. “Rivalry is robbing the body of Christ of the strength that is on you, because you’re too busy comparing and contrasting with other people when God has an identity and a call without rival on your life.”

Watch the video below to hear a condensed version of this powerful message to the body of Christ.

About the Author: Megan Briggs is a content editor and passionate follower of Christ. Two things – she believes – that should be linked together more often. Her experience in ministry to youth and parents as well as the extensive amount of time she’s spent in ministry overseas gives her a unique perspective on the global church. Megan is passionate about spreading the gospel and equipping the church for holiness. When she’s not writing or proofreading, Megan likes to run.

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