Chivalrous Bartender in Hawaiian Shirt Saves Women From Creepy Guy


Chivalry is not dead, at least for some men. One Hawaiian shirt wearing bartender in St. Petersburg, Florida was being praised after he saved women from a creepy guy who was harassing them.

Trinity Allie and her friend were trying to enjoy their time

The bartender, Max Gutierrez, is being called the hero in the Hawaiian shirt, as the photo shows, this bartender was sporting a yellow Hawaiian shirt with green, pink, blue, and orange flowers and plants on it. Although it may have been clear that the creepy guy was harassing the two ladies, the bartender was not presumptuous by taking action before consulting the ladies first. He went about helping the ladies in a discreet way. He used the clipboard normally used for receipts to write a note.

The Bartender in a Hawaiian Shirt Takes Action

Trinity snapped a photo of the bartender in the moment. Here’s what it said: “If this guy is bothering you, put your pony tail on your other shoulder, and I will have him removed. He’s giving me the creeps.”

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This may seem like a simple message, but the tactic the bartender took protected the women from the get-to. By giving them a subtle signal to show that they were feeling unsafe, it protected the women when the bartender did take action to save the women from the creepy guy.

Since then, many have praised the bartender for the way he saved the women from the creepy guy, saying that others could follow after his example to help vulnerable individuals. Some went as far as saying that following his example can save lives of people in the future.

Max Forced the Creepy Guy to Leave

And the Max’s intuition was spot-on. Trinity and her friend gave the signal, and the bartender got to work. He asked the creepy guy to leave.

Trinity explained what happened on Twitter, saying, “He ended up having to literally yell at the guy.”

Trinity posted that Max yelled, “You need to get tf away from these girls who clearly are not interested.”

The creepy guy responded, according to Trinity, by saying, “That was a little aggressive.”

But Max did not let that cause him to back down. He was determined to save these women from the creepy guy. The bartender said, “Well you’re aggressively hitting on them and you need to leave,” according to Trinity’s post on Twitter.

Afterward, Trinity posted to Twitter about how uncomfortable she was with the creepy guy and the actions he had been taking. She said, “This man was harassing me and my friend and the bartender passed this note to me acting like it was my receipt! Legit the type of bartender everyone needs.”

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