Husband Leaves Wife at 8 Months Pregnant—5 Weeks Later, She Finds This in the Oven

Amanda and her husband desperately tried to have a baby for three long years. With failed attempt after failed attempt, her heart began to sink into the hopeless reality that she may never have a child of her own.

But miraculously, after three years of infertility, she was finally able to conceive. She and her husband bought the house of their dreams, and Amanda couldn’t wait to get their new life started with their long-awaited bundle of joy on the way.

However, her life took a tragic, unexpected turn when her husband decided to leave her and their unborn baby after she was eight months pregnant. With a little one on the way, a mound of house debt she couldn’t afford and a completely broken heart, Amanda wasn’t sure how she’d recover from the wave of tragedy that hit her out of nowhere.

Little did Amanda know, her friend Anna was devising a very special plan to give her just the spark of hope she needed to keep moving forward. Anna secretly wrote to Sydney radio show KIIS 1065, which is well known for its generous giveback segment.

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Amanda had NO idea what she was doing on the show when the hosts initially started giving listeners the background on her story.

“It’s been about five weeks since it happened,” the recently abandoned mom said through tears. “And the biggest thing is just the shock, I guess because it wasn’t really what we planned, or what I planned.”

After the heartbreaking and emotional introduction, the hosts were ready to lift Amanda’s spirits by surprising her with the “giveback she would NEVER forget.”

The cameras then panned out to a front door that looked all too familiar to Amanda: her own. 

After peeling back the black tarp, the cameras took her on a tour of her home with the AMAZING newly stocked items and amenities packed by the giveaway crew.

From six months of cleaning services to three months of personal meal delivery and loads of baby supplies, these guys really went ALL OUT to make sure this special mama was taken care of.

But it was the FINAL surprise stashed away in the oven that really left Amanda weeping tears of unspeakable joy.

Check out what these beautiful strangers left behind Amanda’s oven door in the video below—and don’t forget to snag that Kleenex box before you click. You’re gonna need it!!

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