6 Simple Ways God Can Heal a Broken Heart

broken heart

What do you with your broken heart? When the one you thought was Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong? What happens when you’re stuck and afraid and unsure of what to do next? Sometimes, it’s not what you can do — it’s what God can do. It’s amazing what happens when we create space for God’s work. God can heal a broken heart.

It’s interesting how we so quickly want to fix things when they break — especially when it’s something as personal and intimate as our hearts. But I think, sometimes, in our deep desire to fix all that is broken, we forget what opportunity it might bring to increase our faith.

And to be honest, I don’t know how to patch up a heart but it might not be about patching up anything at all.

Because I don’t think hearts don’t get broken [by] accident. I think hearts get broken because God is so sure that something trapped inside needed to get out so that something so much better can pour in.

And I’m pretty positive that a heart can still keep beating even after it’s been shattered because even a broken heart has been designed to know how to survive. So, then, if that’s true, the feeling of a broken heart really isn’t something that needs to be fixed because it hasn’t stopped working. But it’s also not something we can ignore. Pain demands that we pay attention to it.

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Some try to ignore it by numbing it with all sorts of things — drugs, alcohol, rebound boyfriends, other relationships. It might be numb but the problem, the deep scar, doesn’t go away until we reveal it and tend to it.

So, maybe the thing to do, the very best thing to do when everything feels broken, isn’t to gather up all the pieces and hold them all together but instead to heal.

And how does healing happen? By pouring so much life into a barely beating heart that it can’t help but keep beating and growing stronger.

So, how do you do that? How do you live when you ache on the inside?? How do you tangibly bring life back to your lifeless heart?

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