Husband & Wife Give the ‘Silent Treatment’ After Fight, Then the Wife Walks into Her PJ’s on the Bed: “Things Aren’t Perfect, But He Never Stops Loving Me”

silent treatment

During a time when stay-at-home or “safer-at-home” orders have us cooped up in close quarters with our loved ones, it’s easier than ever to get at each other’s throats. While all the extra family time can certainly be a blessing, we all know that too much of a good thing can feel a little more like a curse.

Siblings are tackling each other while fighting over toys and TV shows in the living room; roommates are griping over that ‘one guy’ who hoards the Xbox and never takes out the trash; and husbands and wives are at odds over everything from tighter-than-ever finances to toast crumbs left on the counter for the umpteenth time.

Maranda Karlene Jack and her husband are admittedly no exception.
“My husband and I got in an argument this morning (like most couples do) and we put each other on the silent treatment for a few hours because we weren’t at a point to receive what the other one was saying,” Maranda wrote on Facebook.
But it was her hubby’s unique gesture in response to the quarrel that has struck a powerful chord with couples across the web:

“I got in the shower and came out to this. I know it’s nothing huge in gesture, but we hadn’t talked it out yet and he still laid my pj’s out for me. He still cleaned the kitchen a few hours ago, hung up my laundry that I was going to do, and vacuumed the living room and the stairs.”

In spite of the bitter disagreement that ended in the ever-dreaded ‘silent treatment,’ Maranda was amazed by her husband’s willingness to show up for her in the little ways that proved his unconditional love wasn’t shaken by a little fight.

“Things aren’t always perfect, but he never stops loving me and showing me,” she shared. “I am just sharing my amazement because I truly married a MAN, y’all hear me?!”

All the praise for this sweet man continuing to love his wife as Christ loved the church even when circumstances could have dictated otherwise.

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