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The Simple Marriage Prayer That Will Put Your Focus On God

"When we pray these words, we are acknowledging that He is in control of us, and we are not in control of each other. It is offering our own will in exchange for God’s will."

Dear ‘Good Parents’: This Is How You Miss the Signs of Sexual Abuse in Your Child

How do good parents miss child sexual abuse? It is simple.

Twins Found Floating Face Down in Backyard Pool. 6-Yr-Old Who Can’t Swim Dives in After Them in Bold Rescue.

“They were completely gone, there was no life left in them. They were blue. They were limp. There was no heartbeat. There was nothing."

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This Guy Lost the State Title—That’s When He Sees His Opponent’s Dad in the Stands

He lost fair and square, but he wasn't finished yet...

Husband & Wife Give the ‘Silent Treatment’ After Fight, Then the Wife Walks into Her PJ’s on the Bed: “Things Aren’t Perfect, But He...

"My husband and I got in an argument this morning (like most couples do) and we put each other on the silent treatment for a few hours because we weren’t at a point to receive what the other one was saying."

“The 30-Hour Fight”: What Finally Ended the War With My Husband

"You know that filter between your brain and your mouth that keeps you from saying things that you shouldn’t? Ya, I don’t have that. And that saying, 'Put it on the back burner?' Well, evidently I only have front burners."

“Are Men Really That Clueless?!”: The #1 Way to Solve Almost Any Marriage Argument

"I had been mad at him most of the night. Sometimes that man could be so exasperating to me. For someone so kind and thoughtful, on rare occasion, he stunned me with his apparent disdain. Were men really that clueless?!"

How To Fight For Your Broken Marriage

"He focused his thoughts for a minute, looked over at me with a passion and eagerness and said this:"

3 Ways to Fight Fair in Marriage

"I like to remind myself that if we are fighting, we are at least still caring about the marriage... So how do we communicate kinder, even when we feel upset?"

What Are You and Your Husband Really Fighting About?

"I realized in the midst of my argument with my spouse that I wasn’t so much lashing out at him. I was lashing out at my lack of control. I was lashing out at uncertainty, and I was frustrated that he didn’t respond to that like I did."