Justin Bieber Preaches the Gospel With Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. in Powerful Instagram Post

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Justin Bieber recently hosted a 5-minute gospel discussion with megachurch pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. on Instagram.

“Give me your 5-minute gospel preaching,” said Bieber. “Who is Jesus? What is the Gospel?”

“The gospel is the good news,” replied Wilkerson. “And the good news of Jesus is that all of us were born broken, we all have a desire for God, a hole in our soul… but Jesus came to fill the hole. We believe that Jesus is God’s Son, He came to this world in the form of a man. He lived a spotless and perfect life, and He became the atoning sacrifice; He paid the price for our sin.”

Bieber chimed in again, asking, “Do you think we need to earn God’s love?”

“There’s no way to earn it,” the pastor answered. “You couldn’t do enough good things to be good enough, and you can’t do enough bad things to be bad enough.”

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“Trust and believe in what He’s done for us. He paid the price. We just simply believe.”

The video closed with the pop star asking people to put their trust in God.

“It’s as simple as just saying ‘Jesus, I accept what you did for me, I believe you are God, and I ask you to forgive me for my sins.’”

Watch the powerful Instagram clip in full below:


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– Shoutout to @lnzy8s for this audio mix. Love it!

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