Nearing the 1-Year Anniversary of the Death of Mark Wahlberg’s Mom, Mark and His Siblings Credit Her for Their Faith


In April of 2021, Mark Wahlberg’s mom went to be with Jesus at the age of 78, after a battle with dementia. But her legacy lives on through her children and the many others she impacted with her faith.

Mark Wahlberg’s Mom Built a Bond to Last

Just this month, Mark Wahlberg shared a post on Facebook to honor his mother and show the love he continues to hold for her nearly a year after her death. In the post, Mark stands in one of his Wahlbergers Restaurants, looking at a photo of his mother with himself and two of his brothers, Paul Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg.

Watch that touching moment here:

One commenter with knowledge of the family shared, “Your Mother was such a great SPIRIT she made us laugh!!!! She loved you and your brothers sister to it showed so brightly!!! Her smile lite up the whole place!! Would have loved to met her in person. GOD BLESS!!! PEACE BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! SENDING LOVE!!!”

It was well-known that Mark Wahlberg’s mom had maintained strong bonds with her children, even as many of them stepped into fame and travelled all over the world. But she encouraged them to remain grounded, as she pointed them to a faith in Jesus, and remained a safe haven for them to call anytime. In fact, the phrase, “Call your mother,” was her key saying to her children.

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In an interview on the Today show, she said, “Mark calls me from all over the world. Every single day. I don’t care if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning!” She also explained that the conversation did not have to be long. She just wanted them to stay in touch. And Mark was the best at that, according to his mother.

Watch her talk about it in her interview with the Today show:

After her passing, Mark Wahlberg talked about those calls and how much they meant to him. He said, “It was always the first phone call that I made every single day for the last 10 years, was to my mom. And I don’t get to make that phone call anymore. And it’s heartbreaking. And that’s hard.”

Mark’s siblings offered similar sentiments after her passing…

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