Hollywood’s Intolerance of Christianity Exposed by Matthew McConaughey on Joe Rogan Show

Matthew McConaughey hollywood intolerance of christianity

If you’re a Christian, you’ve probably felt it: Hollywood’s intolerance of Christianity, whether by a snarky comment made on an awards show or a dig in a comedy movie or television show. But it’s not often that you hear one of Hollywood‘s beloved calling it out. That’s why many were satisfied when this happened by Matthew McConaughey on Joe Rogan Experience.

Matthew McConaughey on Joe Rogan Goes Viral

About an hour into the podcast, as Joe Rogan and Matthew McConaughey are discussing the Bible, McConaughey explains that he finds passages to be useful. In response, Joe Rogan brings up how people in Hollywood tend to focus on how people can sometimes use the Bible to harm people, and how they can take verses out of context and use them to manipulate. He then points out that this is part of the root of Hollywood’s intolerance of Christianity. He explains how much of Hollywood willfully avoids talking about the positives of Christianity or ways the Bible has been used for good by people.

McConaughey agrees about Hollywood’s intolerance of Christianity and explains some of his experience as an actor.

Matthew McConaughey on Joe Rogan compares this phenomenon to how we relate to our father figures. Speaking of Joe Rogan’s stepfather in particular, McConaughey says, “When he [dies], you’ll find out the messenger and the message weren’t exactly in simpatico,” linking his fingers together to provide a picture. “…Does that mean that you throw the messenger out…?”

Continuing on, “No, you take the message…that can work for you…I don’t think it makes any sense to throw out the whole [Bible].” McConaughey explains that just because the messenger didn’t know quite how to integrate the message into his life, that doesn’t mean the message itself is wrong.

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Watch Matthew McConaughey on Joe Rogan for yourself on this YouTube video:

Matthew McConaughey on Joe Rogan is pretty candid about his Christian faith and belief in the Bible, and also what he’s seen and experienced in Hollywood regarding the population’s reaction to Christian faith…

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